What Is GST Registration?

        As per the new GST at every individual or a company involved in the business of supplying goods & services and having an annual turnover of more than Rs.40 Lakhs needs to obtain GST registration.

You can easily go for GST registration online with the help of Jalan Associate. The online procedure started by the government allows the individuals & entities to focus on the key areas of their business without causing any delay. You need to fill a simple registration form for GST and you are done. There is no need to visit our office as the entire GST registration process is online Alter applying for GST registration a unique GSTIN 5 generated and allocated to the applicant for further future communication

GST Limit For Sale Of Goods?

         The registration limit for almost all the states is Rs 40 Lakhs where as for hilly areas & northern states, it is Rs 20 Lakhs.