We Jalan Associate Bring Financial Expertise from Bay Street to Main Street

In a marketplace growing more competitive by the day, information matters.

    • How should we price our products?
    • How can we win more bids?
    • Where can we reduce our costs?
    • How much is our business truly worth?
    • When will we need more financing?

These are questions that every business asks in one way or another. But not all businesses have the means to answer them well.

As a result, pricing decisions may be too high (costing customers), or too low (leading to financial issues). Financing may be too early (leading to increased interest expenses) or too late (leading to insolvency). Finally, launched projects might not be those that generate the best profit.

In India’s largest corporations, battalions of financial analysts use sophisticated financial modelling techniques to price every product, to bid on every deal, to determine product viability, and to figure out when to go to market for financing. Among the small and medium businesses of Main Street, these techniques are used by only a few.

That’s why we launched Sapling Financial Consultants Inc. Tired of watching some of India’s best business people help massive companies grow even larger, we wanted to start helping everyone. Our team consists of seasoned financial professionals who are recognized as elevating the level of analysis and insights—even on Bay Street. Now, we want to bring that Bay Street expertise to you—on Main Street.